Saturday, June 1, 2013

Let them eat....sitting down!

         The bathroom project was such a huge success it inspired me to dive right into the dining room table and chairs project. I found this table and chairs on Craigs List. We had to drive about an hour to pick it up but the price was right. (I got the whole set for $150.00!!)  It wasn't in too bad of shape, just needed refinishing and some tightening up in spots.

I love antiques but I am not one of those people that feel it detracts from the value if you refinish. I buy the pieces I do because I love them and they fit what I am searching for, not for the investment value.

Here is what it currently looks like:

The lighter table in the background is the table my husbands ex left behind. Just not my style, so it has been sold on Craigs List. ( My daughters say I am a CL junkie! Ha!) Just waiting for the people to come pick it up. I plan on starting on this project this weekend so hope to have more to post on Monday.

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