Friday, May 24, 2013

As time goes by...

Holy moly! It's been, once again, over a year since I've updated this blog. As you can see I really suck at the blog thing. Life is so full and busy! I love it. I, however, signed up to do this Pintester Movement thing ( ) about a project whose conception arose from a Pin I saw on Pinterest so figured I should update this before that all comes down the pipe.

A lot has happened in the past year. Dan and I got married on July 21st. We kept it a secret from practically everyone, our kids, our siblings, even our mothers! It was perfect. He proposed to me at my family reunion and we married 5 min. later. My cousin, whose home the reunion was at, was the only one who knew what was going on and was instrumental in helping us get things organized. We married on her beach, barefoot, with our children standing beside us. It was a special reunion, a celebration of the 100th year since my Grandfather came to America. He was supposed to sail on the Titanic but traded tickets with his best friend, who was to sail on an earlier ship. Fate was with my grandfather that day! We were *this close* to not being here!

We have settled into our home, made some changes (the Pinterest boards helping). We have also settled into our married life together. Our bonds with each other and the kids have grown and strengthened. We have knit ourselves into a 'family'. Not that there haven't been speed bumps along the way, as there have been. However, we get them smoothed out and cruise on down the road together.

Dan was offered a new position at work and absolutely LOVES it. Doing what he loves (and at times hates) more than anything in the world. As he says so often during a frustrating moment..."Computers will be the death of me yet".  They can be so fantastically annoying at times, but he is very good at getting them figured out.

A few nights ago we had to deal with a dog that tangled with a skunk....ewwwww. Nasty stuff.  I got the remedy for that from Pinterest and it worked like a charm! My daughters say I am obsessed with Pinterest. They may be correct in that assessment. There are just so many great ideas on that site.

One thing I've learned in the past year is that nothing in our life is guaranteed.Things change in a heartbeat. Family members are diagnosed with cancer, a child finally gets a job using their degree, things come and go, as do friends. What it all boils down to, for me at least, is to learn to cherish each moment you have. Enjoy it , savor it, embrace it, LIVE it. You never know how many more moments you'll have. Don't forget to tell the people you love that you love them. Don't assume they know, tell them anyway, often.

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